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The Ethics of Sales: Is Lying the New Normal?



Andrew (Andy) Rudin is one of the foremost authorities on ethics in sales. He works to aid B2B companies identify, assess, and manage a broad spectrum of revenue risks. With the hot-button issue of ethics and integrity becoming increasingly prevalent, Andy discusses maintaining your values through the sales process. He also will tell you how to avoid serious consequences when ethical dilemmas challenge your personal convictions. Where do you draw the line? How do you stay true to your moral compass in the current sales culture climate? In this episode, Andy will help you find proactive plans that won’t corrode your reputation. He will help you to navigate away from discussions that may lead to fatal mistakes and towards a strategy to find an acceptable middle ground.

About our guest, Andy Rudin.

Andrew (Andy) Rudin is Managing Principal of Contrary Domino, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in sales strategy development and execution. Andy provides solutions to companies that strengthen sales governance, revenue risk management, and ethical compliance (GRC). His cross-industry background in marketing, sales, and product management uniquely positions him to help companies in many industries manage a wide range of revenue growth challenges. Andy has a BS in marketing and an MS in information technology, both from the University of Virginia.

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How to Really Write an Email, According to a PR Rockstar



Adrian Salamunovic is in demand. He's a prolific speaker, high-tech mentor, investor, and PR savant. His bold tactics have led to appearances in Playboy, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Fast Company, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and other major media outlets. He’ll be the first to tell you that PR is just Sales by another name. In this episode, he shares the five secrets he uses to guarantee his emails get opened every time. His results speak for themselves. Learn from the master, and laugh as he shares his story.

About our guest, Adrian Salamunovic:

Adrian Salamunovic is the co-author of FREE PR and the co-founder of DNA11 and CanvasPop, which he bootstrapped to 8-figure sales and before that helped to launch, which sold to J2 Communications for over 200M dollars. He is also a public speaker, start-up advisor, investor, and PR expert who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs amplify their companies. Adrian has strategized the launch and continued success of many businesses, helping both his own and his clients’ companies generate millions of free media impressions. He is a global mentor for San Francisco based 500 Startups and and is the #1 rated advisor with a five-star rating on 

Adrian has attained massive exposure to launch brands into mainstream success. His companies have been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Today Show, The Doctors, Good Morning America, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN, MSNBC, TechCrunch, Mashable, Fast Company, Forbes, The Verge, and WIRED. Adrian even had an episode of CSI: New York written around one of his products.

5 Ways to Kickstart the New Year

Niraj Kapur is a best-selling author, a sales coach, and a legend when it comes to bringing your sales success to the next level. With the new year upon us, we knew he was the right person to ask what strategies and tactics can we implement right now to ensure next year is dramatically more successful and profitable than this year. Listen in as he shares five secrets you can immediately implement to kickstart the new year.

About our guest, Niraj Kapur:

After 23 years working in sales in corporate London – from SMEs to The Guardian Newspaper Group to FTSE100 businesses (British equivalent of Fortune 500), Niraj’s book, Everybody Works in Sales became an Amazon bestseller reaching #17 under Business. Due to this success, Niraj launched an expert sales coaching practise, Everybody Works in Sales Ltd where he helps businesses and entrepreneurs increase revenue by teaching sales techniques and strategies that are not forceful or lacking integrity.  He has trained clients and given talks at Natwest, University of Buckingham, Barclays and Federation of Small Business.

How our perception of Sales impacts results



Carole Mahoney is a Sales rock star who began life as a Marketer because she never wanted to be an icky, pushy sales person. Wait…what?! Carole had a perception of sales that clearly isn’t true, but it dramatically influenced her choices. So, what happened? Why is she now in Sales? Because she eventually realized the truth that your perception becomes your reality. She changed her perception of Sales and is now a top-ranked advisor, speaker, and thought leader in the profession. What’s your perception of yourself, and how is it influencing your results? Listen, as Carole shares her thoughts and offers incredible wisdom that you can implement immediately.

In the pursuit of sales mastery



Brian Smith Jr recently shared that the biggest mistake he’s ever made in his sales career was trying to master every aspect of selling. Can you relate? Do you find yourself frustrated by your lack of knowledge? Do you think you’re that close to being a sales rockstar if you just knew a little more, or read another book, or watched another video? Perhaps you already know more than you need. Check out Brian’s epiphany and learn how it changed his life. It just might impact you the same way.

Do You Have a Mindset for Success?



Do you hit your numbers? Are you afraid of hitting your numbers? Are you making the call volumes and the outreach attempts, or are you overwhelmed? Do you think you're going to succeed when you arrive at work, or are you already looking forward to when you can check out and move on from the job? It's all about your mindset.

About Daivd Dulany

David Dulany is an accomplished sales development trainer and advocate, who also produces the industry’s most prolific annual gathering of sales experts and thought leaders with his conference Tenbound. He explains how mindset is critical to your success and shares some personal stories of his own to make his point.

David Dulany has built high-performance Sales Development programs for Glassdoor, OpenDNS, Infer and Act-On Software. At Tenbound, he helps companies start, optimize and turn around Sales Development programs. He also runs annual The Sales Development Conference and The Sales Development Podcast. For more information, visit and

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How to succeed despite yourself



Mike Kunkle, a world-class sales trainer, met our host Darryl Praill when Darryl vented online about the poor quality of sales calls, processes, readiness, and preparedness. Everything Darryl lamented about was exactly what Mike had been preaching that sales professionals NOT do. In this episode, the tables are turned and Mike interviews Darryl to get to the stories, and the lessons learned, behind Darryl’s experience. If you prospect C-level contacts then you need to hear what a C-level buyer expects if you want their business.
About our guest, Mike Kunkle:
Mike Kunkle is a highly-respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He’s spent 34 years in the sales profession and 24 years as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class learning strategies and his proven-effective sales transformation methodologies. Today, Mike is the founder and sales transformation architect for Transforming Sales Results, LLC. He consults, advises, writes, speaks, leads webinars, designs sales learning systems that get results, and guides clients through all aspects of their sales transformation. 

Do you understand why you are prospecting?



Are you prospecting because it’s your job? Is there another reason you prospect? Simply stated - do you understand why? If you don’t understand why you’re prospecting then you not going to win. It’s that simple. Join us as we interview Steve Burton — the only two-time and current winner of BESMA’s Sales Trainer of the Year — to drill down on this issue to help you understand the reason you go through the grind everyday.

About our guest: Steve Burton

Steve has over 20 years of experience in sales, sales training, and sales management. He is the only two-time and current winner of BESMA’s Sales Trainer of the Year 2016-2018, and is a fellow of the Institute of Sales Management. He has worked with and learned from salespeople across the globe, and has been particularly successful in training young individuals with no sales experience.

Prospecting VS Selling — Are you the master of either?



Making phone calls, sending emails, and connecting on LinkedIn does not mean you’re actually prospecting, let alone selling. Benjamin Dennehy, the UK’s most hated Sales Trainer, talks about the difference between Prospecting and Selling and why you’re probably doing both wrong.

Benjamin Dennehy is an engaging sales speaker and trainer, who will explain that the barriers cemented within your selling process is your parents’ fault! Dennehy brings an antipodean brutality and charm to the sales experience many have never encountered before. As the UK’s most hated sales trainer, his ‘no holds barred’ presentation style educates, inspires, motivates and helps your sales people understand why they struggle with many of their daily sales frustrations.

Generating Results by Building a daily activity framework



There is no secret sauce to being successful in sales. It all starts with building a consistent, repeatable, scalable daily activity framework that ensures you do what needs to be done. Our guest in this episode is James Bawden. James is a sales professional and frontline salesforce advocate with a decade of experience across industries, spanning from wireless retail sales to complex B2B sales. His unique mixture of full cycle sales, sales development, enablement and leadership experience has resulted in his real world, practical views on what works for sales teams. He is fiercely passionate about all things sales, especially providing a voice for salespeople who are just beginning their careers.