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Stop Getting Attached to Outcomes


Do you find yourself getting attached to outcomes and having difficulty handling the “not now” response? We’ve all been there. When timing fails your outbound process, it can be a challenge to keep focused on forthcoming pipeline opportunities. However, you don’t have to simply submit to the pain of the status quo! On this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, we had the invaluable opportunity to gain sage wisdom and insight from Shawn Sease of The Sales Developers. Shawn provides terrific strategies to pivot and turn when the walls of the funnel start to shake. He also provides advice on keeping the long view and pursuing the conversation to get that sale. It’s all here on this on this fantastic episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

About our guest:

Shawn Sease is a Director of Client SDR Services for The Sales Developers. He’s coaching and leading a team of professional conversational SDR’s that supply top of funnel, net new pipeline, for multiple B2B businesses simultaneously, through a reliable commitment to process: Outbound Success = contacting the right target, with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time.

LinkedIn | The Sales Developers

Demystifying LinkedIn for Account Execs


Are you experiencing the phenomena of “LinkedIn Guilt”? Are you comfortable using social media but when it comes to LinkedIn, you just don’t get it?
If this resonates with you, then have a listen to this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

Darryl brings in LinkedIn Megastar Daniel Disney to help you get over the hurdle of using LinkedIn. Daniel, who has almost half a million connections of his own, tells us just how easy it is to use this tool to not only source fields of new prospects, but will also give you sage advice on how you can engage with them to create lasting, trusted relationships. If you are struggling with incorporating LinkedIn into your social media outreach, this episode will both put you at ease and give you the boost you need to succeed.

Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading Social Selling and LinkedIn experts. With a LinkedIn audience of over 450,000+ followers, content reaching millions and over $32,000,000 in sales generated from LinkedIn over the last 6 years, very few out there understand it like Daniel does. In 2018 alone his LinkedIn content reached 164,000,000 people and he was crowned the 14th most influential sales expert on LinkedIn in the world. Daniel is now one of the most in-demand sales and Social Selling keynote speakers and trains sales teams all over the world how to leverage LinkedIn and Social Selling to its full potential.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market


It can be a challenge to have your voice heard among the plethora of sales calls, texts, and emails. Sometimes even the best practices for connecting with prospects can be drowned out in the overwhelming tide of sales pitches prospects receive every day.

However now is not the time to fret! Help is on the way.

For the first time on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by not one, but two powerhouse guests. Amir Reiter, the Rockstar CEO of CloudTask, and Tom Jenkins, CloudTask’s innovative Director of Marketing, offer their wisdoms when it comes to not only standing out, but developing a relationship with their clients. If you are looking for an edge when it comes to being singled out from among the crowd, you won’t want to miss this episode!

About our guests:

Amir Reiter is the CEO and Founder of CloudTask – a managed workforce provider that helps organizations grow their sales through a managed team of experts, backed up by first class technology. With offices in Miami, the Philippines, Colombia, and the UK, CloudTask’s mission is to find prospects, nurture leads, close deals, and satisfy customers, to enable you to reach your business goals.

Tom Jenkins is the Director of Marketing at CloudTask. Born a Brit, he's loving the journey with CloudTask living in Medellin, Colombia. His experience ranges across sales, marketing and project management in a variety of different industries.

Answering the Hard Questions


We all know that the world of sales moves at a fast and furious pace. So what should you do when your prospective customer poses difficult questions? Questions that we possibly don’t even have the answers for. It’s in those situations that pressure builds quickly. We want to avoid a faux pas or moments of hesitation that can cause us to draw a blank and put us at risk of losing our sale. Not to worry. 

Nick Avossa from Exago joins Darryl on the podcast to discuss just what to do should you ever encounter those difficult questions.

Nick Avossa joined Exago in October 2015, and is currently the Sales Engineering Lead. His team is responsible for supporting the Sales and Marketing departments in the pre-sale journey, while providing the best experience possible during product evaluations. Juggling internal projects, moonlighting as a SalesForce admin, and helping to aggregate feature interest for the Product Development team, are just a few of the things that keep Nick busy at Exago. When free of the cubicle walls, Nick enjoys outdoor running, even in the coldest months of the year. He’s looking forward to warmer weather as he takes on the Charleston Cooper River bridge run at the start of next month.

The Science Behind The Cold Call


Recently Benjamin Dennehy was put on the spot, in front of a live audience, to demonstrate his cold-calling techniques. He then placed a phone call, connected to the prospect, and within minutes had booked a live, in-person appointment with the Managing Director of a large organization for the sole purpose of engaging him to train their sales reps. How did he do it? What tactics, psychology, and behavioral science did he utilize? In this episode, we candidly explore and explain how to successfully and consistently book business using a cold call. 

About our guest, Benjamin Dennehy:

Benjamin Dennehy is an engaging sales speaker and trainer, who will explain that the barriers cemented within your selling process is your parents’ fault! Dennehy brings an antipodean brutality and charm to the sales experience many have never encountered before. As the UK’s most hated sales trainer, his ‘no holds barred’ presentation style educates, inspires, motivates and helps your salespeople understand why they struggle with many of their daily sales frustrations.

Listen to a previous episode featuring Benjamin - Prospecting vs. Selling - are you the master of either? >

Everybody’s a Marketer


The world is changing fast. It used to be that Marketers marketed and Sales sold. However, the role of sales development has changed dramatically in the last year or so. Now SDRs need to be experts in both roles. Emails, open rates, click-thru's, conversion, etc., it's all part of the SDRs performance metrics. But, are SDRs doing a good job as Marketers? Darryl Praill talks with the pre-eminent marketing expert, Matt Heinz, to learn what they're doing right, what they're doing wrong, and what they need to do to achieve marketing success. 

About our guest, Matt Heinz

More than 15 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations, vertical industries and company sizes. Career has focused on delivering measurable results for his employers and clients in the way of greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty.

Held various positions at companies such as Microsoft, Weber Shandwick, Boeing, The Seattle Mariners, Market Leader and Verdiem. In 2007, began Heinz Marketing to help clients focus their business on market and customer opportunities, then execute a plan to scale revenue and customer growth.

Why Sales Engagement Isn’t Always Engaging


Sales professionals rely on email, telephone, and social selling every day to connect with prospects. So why aren't the prospects returning the love? Listen to VanillaSoft CEO David Hood — a classic VITO — as he shares the top reasons why he's not responding to your outreach attempts. Learn how you can improve your efforts to connect more successfully and build more pipeline.

David Hood, CEO of VanillaSoft, is a successful software entrepreneur with extensive international experience in finance, business development, sales, and marketing. Under his leadership VanillaSoft has grown over the past decade from a small start-up to a leader in the inside sales and CRM space focusing on lead management and cadence automation.

Prior to VanillaSoft, David was co-founder and CEO of Hemera Technologies, which grew from a basement start-up to a world-class player in the digital image content space in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry, a Master's Degree in International Affairs, and graduated from the Owner- President Management program (OPM) of Harvard Business School.

How to Focus Under Pressure

20190221-iis-tweet-krivachek.jpgWhen it comes to completing your daily tasks, do you find your focus sometimes wavers? Does looking at your calendar, or to-list list, overwhelm you? You need to take advice from best-selling 10-time author Melissa Krivachek. In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Melissa teaches us how to focus on what matters, when to say “No”, how to create balance within our lives, and helps us overcome potential control issues that may be impacting our success.

About Melissa Krivachek

At just 30 years old, as the Executive Producer of The Ultimate Sales Summit, Melissa Krivachek has 23 years of sales experience. Her passion and obsession with sales started when she was just seven years old. Since then she has been involved in every kind of sale imaginable from high ticket, door to door, cold calling and social selling generating millions of dollars in revenue while inspiring business owners to grow.

Melissa has been blessed with numerous accolades including: making the front cover of Evolution Magazine as their Top Power Player under 40, being nominated for Inc. Magazines list of 30 under 30, being the top 1% of US Executives as awarded by The American Council of Executives.

Melissa inspires sales people and business owners through her international best-sellers as well as her podcast “The Millionaires Hot Seat” where she has interviewed more than 200 millionaires to date.

Planning Your Career Progression


Don’t get passed over for a promotion again. 
Kevin Mulrane is leading a scorching pace up the corporate ladder.
As VP of Global Mid-Market Sales for Global Web Index, his advice for managing your career progression comes with verifiable weight. In this episode Kevin dishes invaluable advice on intentional progression, driving your own success, and having a plan to convert your career KPIs. If you are happy with where you’re at, you can probably skip this episode. However, if you are committed to growth and success, then dive right in!

Video Killed The Radio Star


We can’t rewind. We’ve gone too far.

In this episode Dan of Vidyard — a video marketing titan — provides common sense tips for using video to advance your sales goals. From the gear you’ll need if you’re a video newbie, to how to look amazing on video with a few simple tricks, to strategies for when and where to properly share your productions, Dan shares how to make an impact and succeed with video. If you are even just thinking about using video to market yourself, your company, or your product, you can’t afford to miss this episode!

About our guest:

Dan Wardle is the manager of video specialists at Vidyard, a video marketing platform that enables customers to derive information on viewer-behavior for marketing automation systems and CRM. Prior to Vidyard, he served Salesforce as a senior accounts executive and held the position of team lead at Blackberry.

Dan Wardle holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Waterloo.